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Top Topics

Below find some quick information about a few current issues and projects in Worcester Township.  Please call the Township Building at (610) 584-1410 for additional information on each project or issue.

Meadow Lane Building Lots

Current status  (March 20, 2019) - The Board of Supervisors is discussing the sale of three Township-owned building lots. Below is some helpful information about these three building lots:

  • “Where are the building lots?”  The three building lots are located on the south side of Meadow Lane, near the intersection of Hollow Road. One single-family home can be built on each lot. Click here to view a plan of the three building lots.
  • "What do the Township records say?"  Township records show the lots are building lots:

purchase approval * Agreement of Sale * Township Subdivision PlanTownship Subdivision Plan letter * Township Subdivision Plan submission to MCPC * MCPC review of Township Subdivision Plan * Worcester Township Planning Commission recommendation to approve of the Subdivision Plan * e-mail between Board of Supervisors, Township Engineer and Township Solicitor about preparing bid documents to sell the building lots * sanitary sewer reimbursement agreement & reimbursement amount calculation * sanitary sewer planning module review by MCHD * sanitary sewer planning module legal ad * sanitary sewer planning module approval by DEP * sanitary sewer system design (cover and overview pages only) * sanitary sewer history, March 2005 to May 2009

  • "Is the property preserved or designated as a Township park?"  No, the building lots have always been building lots. When the Township purchased the property the Township’s intent was to sell the building lots and to use the sale proceeds to purchase or preserve many more acres elsewhere in the Township.
  • “I heard the Township Open Space Plan says the lots are preserved. Is this true?”  No. The Worcester Township Open Space Plan, adopted in June 2006, shows the lots as Township-owned properties only, and the Open Space Plan notes the property may be developed in the future. Click here to view the Open Space Plan, part 1, and refer to Chapter 3, which begins on page 29.  Open Space Plan part 2 may be viewed here.
  • "What is the history of the building lots?"  At the Board of Supervisors’ June 20 Business Meeting Township Manager Tommy Ryan presented a history of the building lots. Click here to review this information.
  • “I heard that the building lots adjoin the Zacharias Creek. Don’t we want to preserve land along the creek?”  The building lots do not adjoin the Zacharias Creek. And yes, the Township always wants to save lands along the waterway, which is why, in 2006, the Township Engineer designed a subdivision plan that decreased the size of the three building lots in order to create a 6-acre parcel along the Zacharias Creek that will forever be retained by Township. The Township’s popular off-road trail was constructed on this parcel several years ago. The 6-acre Open Space parcel and the trail are shown on the subdivision plan.
  • “What did the Montgomery County Planning Commission and the Worcester Township Planning Commission say about the 2006 subdivision plan?”  The subdivision plan was reviewed by both the Montgomery County Planning Commission (MCPC) and the Worcester Township Planning Commission.  The MCPC recommended plan approval, saying the plan met the Township’s goal to save sensitive lands. Township Supervisor Susan Caughlan was serving as the Worcester Township Open Space Coordinator at the time the subdivision plan was prepared and reviewed, and she is copied on the MCPC's July 2006 review letter. Click here to view the MCPC review letter.  The Worcester Township Planning Commission also reviewed the 2006 subdivision plan, and the Members unanimously recommended plan approval to the Board of Supervisors.  Click here to view the official minutes from the July 2006 Planning Commission meeting. 
  • “How much could the sale bring, and are there any plans on how the money can be spent?”  The sale of the three building lots – which collectively encompass about 9 acres – may bring $500,000 or more at public auction. The Township can use this money in any manner, but recent discussion has centered on using the dollars to purchase or preserve many more acres of open space throughout the Township. Consider that, later this year, the Township, County and State will purchase a conservation easement that will permanently preserve a 35-acre property on Kriebel Mill Road. Worcester Township's cost to purchase this easement is about $73,000. Would you sell 9 acres of building lots to preserve 100 acres, 200 acres or more open space in the community?
  • “Where can I get more information about the building lots?” Contact Tommy Ryan, Township Manager, at (610) 584-1410, and after business hours on his mobile phone at (484) 885-8775.

Center Square Golf Course

Current status (March 20, 2019)In July 2017 the Board of Supervisors approved a Stipulation Agreement for a proposed development at this property.  The Stipulation Agreement may be viewed here.  In December 2017 the Board of Supervisors approved an Addendum to the Stipulation Agreement, and the Addendum may be viewed here.  

At its April 18 Business Meeting the Board of Supervisors approved Ordinance 2018-274 to amend the Zoning Map, and Ordinance 2018-275 to allow and regulate mixed-residential uses in an R-AG-200 Zoning District; both ordinances pertain to the proposed development at this property.  At its May 16 Business Meeting the Board of Supervisors granted final approval of this subdivision plan. Sales and construction have begun. The approved subdivision plan may be viewed at the Township Building, Monday to Friday, 7:00am to 4:30pm.

Army Reserve Base

Current status (March 20, 2019) -  To date the US Army has tested thirty-four properties near the former North Penn US Army Reserve Base.  The Army tested for the presence of PFOS and PFOA, chemicals that were used during firefighting training exercises at the property many years ago.  Of the thirty-four properties tested, twenty-two properties tested below the US Environmental Protection Agency's heath advisory limit, four properties tested above this limit, and no trace of the chemicals was detected at eight properties.  The Army has reported its findings to the property owners and to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).  As the property owner the US Army is responsible for any clean-up that may be required by DEP.