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Top Topics

Below find some quick information about a few current issues and projects in Worcester Township.  Please call the Township Building at (610) 584-1410 for additional information on each project or issue.

Center Square Golf Course

Current status (December 21, 2017) -  At its July 19 Business Meeting the Board of Supervisors approved a Stipulation Agreement for a proposed development at this property.  The Stipulation Agreement may be viewed here.  At its December 20 Business Meeting the Board of Supervisors approved an Addendum to the Stipulation Agreement, and the Addendum may be viewed here.  Preliminary Plans have been submitted to the Township, and the project will be reviewed at upcoming meetings of the Worcester Township Planning Commission.  Please visit the meeting page for Planning Commission meeting dates, meeting packets and other information.

Center Point Zoning Ordinance 

Current status (January 17, 2017) -  The Township has contracted with the Urban Research and Development Corporation for professional planning services for the Center Point Zoning Ordinance.  URDC will assess the proposed ordinance relative to both the Center Point Village Vision Plan and current Township Code.  URDC will present their asessment at the January 17 Work Session meeting of the Board of Supervisors.  For more information please contact the Township Building at (610) 584-1410.

Army Reserve Base

Current status (January 12, 2018) -  To date the US Army has tested thirty-three properties near the former North Penn US Army Reserve Base.  The Army tested for the presence of PFOS and PFOA, chemicals that were used during firefighting training exercises at the property many years ago.  Of the thirty-three properties tested, twenty-one properties tested below the US Environmental Protection Agency's heath advisory limit, four properties tested above this limit, and no trace of the chemicals was detected at eight properties.  The Army has reported its findings to the property owners and to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).  The Army is currently conducting tests at additional properties.  As the property owner the US Army is responsible for any clean-up that may be required by DEP.