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US Army Reserve Center - Update 5/19/17

As you may know, Worcester Township has been in discussion with the US Army to acquire the former US Army Reserve Center on Berks Road. The US Army has agreed to transfer the 19-acre property to the Township at no cost, provided this property is used for recreational purposes.
Prior to the Township taking ownership of this property, a number of inspections and investigations were completed at the property. 
Worcester Township has been notified of test results taken from the site wells within the grounds at the US Army Reserve Center.  The test results reflected that PFOA and PFOS may have impacted the groundwater.  These test results do not pertain to drinking water.  Other tests conducted on the drinking water well at the site did not confirm the presence of PFOA or PFOS above the EPA advisory level for drinking water.

What are these chemicals?

These chemicals were once commonly used in fire-fighting activities, and are the same chemicals as those found at other Department of Defense properties in recent months.
Read more information about PFOA and PFOS by clicking the link at the bottom of this article.

Next Steps: 

The US Army must conduct additional testing to determine the extent of any problem, and must complete any remediation measures that may be required. The Army is now in the process of testing wells located on four neighboring properties.

While the Township does not own this property, it will serve as a facilitator of information as it becomes available on the Township's official website ( 

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