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Building & Zoning Permits


Township Residents May Need a Permit For:

- New buildings and additions.

- Grading for areas in excess of 500 square feet including septic system repair and replacement.

- Changes in existing building use or occupancy.

- Interior alterations, including but not limited to finished basements.

- Structural repair or replacement.

- New or replacement of an electrical, gas, mechanical, or plumbing system.

- Decks, patios, or porches.

- Roofing or replacement.

- Driveways, including but not limited to new construction entering a Township road and widening.

- Decorative walls/ Driveway Entrance Columns.

- Swimming pools, spas, or hot tubs.

- Fencing.

- Sheds, garages, barns, gazebos, greenhouses, or other accessory structures.

- Signs.

- Tennis and sport courts.

- Retaining walls over four feet.

- Demolition.


*Disclaimer: The Above List of Permits is Not All Inclusive. 

If you have a specific Zoning and/ or Building question - please contact the Township.


An owner or authorized agent who intends to construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, demolish or change the occupancy of a residential building or erect, install, enlarge, alter, repair, remove, convert or replace an electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing system regulated by the Uniform Construction Code shall first apply to the Building Code Official and obtain the required permit 403.62a (relating to permit application).


Common Questions about the Process:


I have completed the permit application.  What do I do now? 

You can either mail, email, fax, or drop off the completed permit application and additional paperwork required (e.g. insurance certification, two (2) copies of plans) to the Worcester Township office.  All completed permits submitted to Worcester Township are first reviewed for compliance with Zoning Chapter 150.  


The Building Department then reviews the permit application for compliance with the Uniform Construction Code, and has up to three (3) weeks to review residential permit applications and six (6) weeks for commercial permit applications.  The Township staff does its best to expedite the process. You will receive a phone call from the Township once the permit has been approved and the permit fee that is due upon pickup.


I have specific questions and concerns about the project I am working on. 

How do I get in contact with the Building Inspector or Zoning Officer?

Please visit our administrative contact page.


Once the permit is approved and paid for, how do I schedule an inspection?

Call the Township Building at 610-584-1410 and ask to schedule an inspection. 

The inspection time slots are first come, first served - please plan accordingly, especially during peak season.


Does the Township inspect electrical work?

No.  Here is a list of electrical underwriters.  The building inspector, however, will ensure that the electrical underwriter has given the seal of approval during the final inspection.


I would like to apply for a Zoning Variance.  Where do I go?

Please visit our Zoning page. 


I need to submit an appeal to the UCC Board of Appeals.  Where is this form?

Please use this form.



The following permit application files are in PDF format. To download Adobe Acrobat reader, please visit

*Be sure to visit the "additional forms and information" links that correspond to each application.


Building Permit Applications


Deck Permit Application


Additional Forms and Information:


Demolition Permit Application


Additional Forms and Information:


Worker's Compensation Insurance Coverage



Fire Prevention Permit Application



Pool Permit Application


Additional Forms and Information:



Re-Roofing Permit Application


Additional Forms and Information:



Highway Occupancy Permit Application


Additional Forms and Information:



Road Occupancy Permit Application


Additional Forms and Information:



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