Candy Bowl Spring 2021

There is a fish bowl in the lobby of the Worcester Township Building. And in this fish bowl there is candy… Peppermint Puffs to be exact. And lots of them.

How many Peppermint Puffs are in the fish bowl is your guess, and if your guess is the closest to the actual number you’ll win the candy, and sweet bragging rights.

Submit your guess at the Township Building, or by e-mail to Mary Ann, before 4:00 pm on April 30th. One guess per person please. The winner will be announced in our next newsletter.

And congratulations to John Newett, who guessed the actual number of Kit Kats (36) in the fishbowl in our last contest. John, don’t forget to share!

The candy is kindly contributed by the employees of Worcester Township, who are not eligible to submit a guess (sorry folks!).

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