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Sewer Bill Due: July 31, 2017

Bill Mailed: July 1, 2017
Bill Due: July 31, 2017 (2nd quarter of 2017)
  • $129.45 / quarter.  2017 budget passed at the Board of Supervisors Meeting in December 2016.
  • Sewer bill for April, May, June 2017.

*To avoid late charges, all payments must be received at the Township Administration Building by 4:00 pm on the due date.   Payments received after the due date (e.g. August 1) will be late and subject to a 10% late fee.

General Payment Information:

  • If a due date falls on a weekend, payment must be received by the Township office prior to the due date (e.g. paid ahead of time, mailed earlier, dropped off in our door slot) - you will be subject to a 10% late fee if payment is not received by the Township on/before the due date 
  • ALL card transactions are subject to service charge fees. Please consider another form of payment to avoid these additional fees.
  • You may set up online bill pay through your bank to automatically send us a check on a quarterly schedule. 

Traffic Counter Coming Soon

During the months of July thru November, PennDOT will be contracting with a vendor (Southern Traffic Services) to collect traffic data on select Township-owned roads within Worcester.  This data is typically reported annually to the Federal Highway Administration.  This data determines the amount of money that the state receives from the Federal Government. 


Traffic counters will be placed at the below locations.  Please note that these counters are not being set for any road project or speed trap.


-Green Briar (Intersection of Crest Terrace and Hickory Hill Drive)

-Landis Road (intersection of Hickory Hill Drive and Defford Road)

-Steelman Road (Corner of 363)

-Hillcrest Drive (Corner of 363 and Country View Lane)

-Clyston Circle (Cul de sac)

Road Improvement Program Has Begun

The annual roadway repaving and repair work has begun.  The Township has approved nearly $900,000 in improvements to our community’s roadway network… and that doesn’t include the many smaller fixes that are made by our Public Works team throughout the year!

This year’s Road Improvement Program includes the repair and pavement of the below roadways.  For the most part, the work will be completed in the following order, but some adjustments to this schedule may be needed to address additional and unforeseen fixes:

    • Church Road - Township boundary to Wheatsheaf Lane
    • Quarry Hall Road - Methacton Avenue to Water Street Road
    • Kriebel Mill Road – Mill Road to Germantown Pike
    • Mill Road - Kriebel Mill Road (east segment) to Grange Avenue
    • Grange Avenue - Mill Road to Water Street Road
    • Green Hill Road - Stump Hall Road to Anders Road
    • Anders Road - Green Hill Road to Township boundary
    • Hawks Nest Lane
    • Weber Road - Skippack Pike to Schultz Road

The Road Improvement Program is designed to maximize the useful life of infrastructure through an aggressive maintenance plan and appropriately-scheduled capital improvements. The program allows the Township to maintain more than 53 miles of roads in good condition.

Motorists using the above-noted roads may experience delays during construction.  We thank folks for their understanding and patience as we work to improve our community’s roadways!

Summer with Worcester Township


You're probably getting your summer plans in order, which include determining what type of activities your children will participate in over the next few months.  Whether your child is interested in something that is sports related, or an inside activity - check out our summer offerings by clicking the links below. 

We also have bus trips for the adults, too - including a private tour of a Bucks County winery this August.  Not to mention we have a ton of discount tickets to our area's most popular attractions. 

Green Hill Rd Culvert: Reopened on March 10

Green Hill Road, at the culvert crossing, has been reopened to one lane of traffic.  Vehicles are required to stop at each approach to the culvert, and may continue only if there is no opposing traffic.

The Township has determined that the culvert can’t be fixed, it must be replaced.  This project is now under design.  After the design is completed the Township must obtain a permit from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for the work to be done (because it affects a stream crossing).  Next, the Township must publicly bid the project (because the project cost exceeds $20,000).  Due to these State-mandated permitting and bidding requirements, construction will not begin until summer.  The Township will update this website when the work is scheduled to start.

We thank you for your continue patience!

US Army Reserve Center - Update 5/19/17

As you may know, Worcester Township has been in discussion with the US Army to acquire the former US Army Reserve Center on Berks Road. The US Army has agreed to transfer the 19-acre property to the Township at no cost, provided this property is used for recreational purposes.
Prior to the Township taking ownership of this property, a number of inspections and investigations were completed at the property. 
Worcester Township has been notified of test results taken from the site wells within the grounds at the US Army Reserve Center.  The test results reflected that PFOA and PFOS may have impacted the groundwater.  These test results do not pertain to drinking water.  Other tests conducted on the drinking water well at the site did not confirm the presence of PFOA or PFOS above the EPA advisory level for drinking water.