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Snow Removal

Hazardous Road ConditionsTrees Snow

The Public Works Department is committed to providing the quickest and safest response to hazardous road conditions that are maintained and owned by the Township.

When snow begins to fall, the Township applies a brine solution to the roadway surface to prevent the formation of ice. Our Public Works team then works to plow the roadways, following specific routes that aim to clear emergency routes and high-priority roads first. For safety reasons cul-de-sacs and othersecondary roads are not plowed until all emergency routes and high-priority roads are passable.

Please Note: The Township does not plow private roadways, roadways not dedicated to the Township, and most State-owned roadways. Frequently traveled roadways such as Valley Forge Road, Skippack Pike, Water Street Road, Township Line Road, and Stump Hall Road are maintained by the Commonwealth. 

A breakdown of roads maintained by different entities can be found below.

Who Plows My Road?

Know Before You Call

Worcester Township's roads are a combination of Township, State, Private, HOA, and County-owned and maintained roads.  Please utilize the below list when confirming which entity to call when submitting a roadway concern.

Reminders & Tips for Snow Removal:

  • Remove vehicles from the roadway until the roadway is cleared. Vehicles parked on the roadway hamper snow removal operations, and vehicles parked on emergency routes may be towed.
  • Wait until the roadway is cleared before shoveling your driveway, sidewalk and mailbox area. But if you must clear these areas sooner, please know Township trucks will likely throw snow back onto your property when plowing the road.
  • Refrain from shoveling snow into the roadway. Pushing snow from your driveway or sidewalk into the roadway creates a safety hazard and could cause an accident. Property owners may be held responsible for accident damages.
  • Prepare your vehicle for winter driving. And if you are too nervous about driving on snow and ice, don’t drive. Share a ride with a neighbor, or wait until the roadways are cleared before traveling.
  • Plows travel in the same direction as normal traffic flow, sometimes pushing snow at the end of residents' driveways. To minimize the amount of snow pushed in front of your driveway, put shoveled snow on the right side of the driveway.

plowing direction 1



Unless a Township vehicle directly strikes your mailbox, the Township cannot offer reimbursement for the accumulation of snow or ice from the plow blades. The Township is only responsible for Township-owned roadways. If you are uncertain which entity is responsible for your roadway – please refer to the raodway classification list.

Mailboxes are installed at your own risk within the right-of-way. Please be sure that your mailbox is installed in accordance to the specifications of the United States Postal Service (USPS).