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Rental Facilities

Worcester Township has different several different types of facilities that are available to rent throughout the year for single, multiple, or seasonal use.

Athletic Field/Court Rentals

Worcester Township's Department of Parks and Recreation oversees the maintenance and allocation of athletic field use at the following locations:

Heebner Park

  • 3 soccer/multi-purpose fields
  • 2 60-foot baseball fields
  • 2 90-foot baseball fields
  • 3 tennis courts
  • 2 basketball courts

Mt Kirk Park

  • 1 soccer/ multi purpose field

Sunny Brook Park

  • 1 soccer/multi-purpose field
  • 2 60-foot skinned softball fields

How do I rent the fields or courts?

Single (One Time) Use - Required Documents

  • Completion of the¬†Single Use Application.
  • Field Rental Fee and Security Deposit (separate checks).
  • Up-to-date certificate of insurance naming Worcester Township as the holder

Seasonal Use - Required Documents

  • Completion of the¬†Seasonal Use Application.
  • Up-to-date certificate of insurance naming Worcester Township as the holder.
  • Submitted application must be within the application period for best availability (see below).

You will be invoiced after seasonal application is received based on field usage, discounts, and more.

Seasonal Application Timeline:

Spring Season
(March 1 - July 31)
Fall Season
(Aug. 1 - Nov. 30)
Application Period Opens January 1 June 1
Application Period Closes January 20 June 15
Invoices Issued/Temp Permits January 31 June 24
Invoices Due/Permits Issued February 15 July 13

It is the responsibility of each association or interested party to adhere to these dates. The Park and Recreation Department is not responsible for sending reminders of pending deadlines.

Athletic Field/ Court Rental Fees:

Single Use Fees

Township Resident, Organization, and Businesses Non-Township Resident, Organization, or Business
Up to Four Hours $25.00 $50.00
Each Additional Hour $5.00 $5.00
Security Deposit Two Times the Rental Fee Two Times the Rental Fee

Seasonal Use Fees

Spring Season
March 1 to July 31
(22 Weeks)
Fall Season
August 1 to November 30
(18 Weeks)
Unlimited Weekly Use $550.00 $450.00
3-4 Days of Weekly Use $385.00 $315.00
1-2 Days of Weekly Use $275.00 $225.00

Discounts Available
(can be combined)

Resident Discount:
65 Percent of Players are Township Residents: 50 percent off

Youth Discount:
90 Percent of Players are Youth: 25 percent off

The Township will send you an invoice with applied discounts (if applicable) upon review of your application. You do not need to calculate your permit fee.

Concession Sales Policy

Organizations that already hold a permit for athletic field use are entitled to apply for a permit to sell concessions at the same location, on the same dates and times. The application and complete policies and procedures is below:

Fairview Village Community Hall

The Fairveiw Village Community Hall, located at 1031 Valley Forge Road, is available for rental by community groups to host meetings, seminars, or other gatherings. Please note that food is not allowed in the Community Hall.

Heyser Field Rental

Heebner Park Pavilion Rental

Heebner Park features two pavilions completed in 2008. One is located next to the playground/tot lot (smaller), and the other is located by the soccer fields (larger), complete with a concession area.

Both are available for rental by approved groups and individuals.

Gazebo 2

Heebner Park Gazebo Rental

Heebner Park features a Gazebo in the center of the park. The gazebo is set away from the hustle and bustle of the sports fields. It features several picnic tables and benches surrounding it, as well as plenty of shade. It is a picturesque location for a family gathering.

Heyser Ring Rental

Heyser Field Horse Ring is located on Valley Forge Road behind the Worcester Township Community Hall (1031 Valley Forge Road). This ring is ideal for horse shows or an individual riding on a nice day. Heyser Field is open to all residents and non-residents. Heyser Field is used by the Farmer's Union Horse Company for their annual horse shows.