This year, Worcester Township will continue implementation of its annual road improvement program. This program is designed to maximize the useful life of infrastructure through an aggressive maintenance plan and appropriately-scheduled capital improvements. The program, which includes a maintenance plan and a capital plan, allows the Township to maintain more than fifty-five miles of roads in good condition.

The maintenance plan includes pothole repair, street sweeping, roadside brush trimming, roadside swale maintenance and patch milling. The capital plan includes the replacement and installation of culverts and stormwater pipes, and the resurfacing and reconstruction of roads. On average, the Township resurfaces and/or reconstructs between three and five miles of roadways each year.

This summer the following roads will be resurfaced:

  • East Adair Drive
  • Defford Road                                     
  • Defford Circle                                    
  • Clyston Road                                     
  • Clyston Circle                                     
  • Bayton Road                                      
  • Bayton Circle                                     
  • Highview Drive                                 
  • Merion Way                                      
  • Landis Road       


     The work is scheduled to get underway in June, and will conclude by mid-August, weather permitting.  Motorists using the above-noted roads may experience delays during construction. The Township thanks residents for their understanding and patience as we work to improve our community’s roadways.

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